Return and Exchange Policy

Exchange, Repair or Refund Policy for Defective Products Within Warranty Period

Mayer reserves the right to allow the exchange, repair, or return & refund of defective products initiated within the warranty period subject to the following conditions:-

  • The customer returns the product together with the guarantee card or valid purchase receipt from Mayer.
  • When returning the product, the customer must also return all free gifts, vouchers, and accessories associated with the purchase of the product.
  • Where the request for return & refund is initiated after the product has been delivered, the refund will exclude any delivery charges that the customer has paid for the product.
  • The customer is not entitled to request for an exchange, repair, or return & refund if the defect in the product is the result of the customer’s own careless handling, misuse or tampering with the product. An inspection shall be carried out by Mayer to determine the cause(s) of the defect(s).  
  • No exchange, repair, or return & refund is permitted if the customer was aware of the defect before purchasing or upon delivery of the product, but proceeded to complete the purchase or accept the delivery regardless.
  • No exchange, repair, or return & refund is permitted if the customer merely changes his or her mind about the purchase and there is no defect in the product.
  • Customers will be informed of any defects in the display or refurbished items prior to purchase. Mayer shall not be held responsible for any such defects of which customers have been so notified.

The exchange, repair, or return & refund process is as follows:-

Stage 1: Repair or exchange 

Where Mayer assesses it to be appropriate, Mayer may offer to repair the defective product or exchange and replace the defective product with the same type of product within a reasonable period of time and with minimal inconvenience to the customer. Mayer will not give a refund at this stage even if the customer does not agree on repair or product exchange, and insists on refund as the only option.

Stage 2: Partial or full refund

If a repair or exchange & replacement is not reasonably possible or cannot be done within a reasonable period of time and without significant inconvenience to the customer, the customer may keep the defective product and receive a partial refund (based on the difference between the value of the product in a reasonable working condition and the value of the product in its faulty condition).

Alternatively, Mayer may advise the customer to return the defective product and receive a full refund. The amount of the full refund will take into account the use that the customer has had of the product and the product’s current condition resulting from the customer’s use. The appropriate rate of depreciation shall be applied and advised by Mayer accordingly. If the product has never been used, Mayer may consider providing a full refund of the entire purchase price. The time of payment processing may vary and be subject to the respective banks' and/or payment providers' internal processing timeline.

Cancellation for eCommerce Orders

  • Free cancellation only applies to a customer who cancels their order within 1 day from the payment date.
  • Thereafter, a $10.00 cancellation fee will be imposed after the stipulated time.
  • For cancellation, please email your order number and reason for cancellation to All cancellations are subject to approval.
  • Mayer Marketing Pte Ltd reserves the right to cancel any transaction in the event the product is out of stock. In this instance, no cancellation fees will be imposed.

Important note -  Mayer reserves the right to take appropriate legal actions if the customer/ members of the public circulate unfounded truth about Mayer and/or its products.