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Candy 60 cm Built-in Oven FCXE645VXL

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Quick Overview

Candy’s range of ovens offers quality, Italian design and meticulous attention to aesthetic details. The busy modern life guides people towards ovens that are easy and quick to use: Candy has equipped its models with a wide range of cooking functions that work to simplify the user experience. Your oven is not just a utility, but a real standalone design statement: that’s why Candy has created a wide range of solutions perfect for any style of kitchen.


 Touch Control
 The electronic timer touch programmer is functional and intuitive, providing cooking information is real-time. The   device makes it easy to set the duration as well as the beginning and the end times of cooking.

  U-SEE LED Lighting
  Candy has patented an LED lighting system which replaces the traditional incandescent bulb. On the oven inner      door there are 14 white LED lights, with no dark spots at any level. U-SEE brings together the reliability and
  functionality with reduced energy consumption (95% less than the traditional oven lighting system).

Catalytic Panels
These internal panels, coated in special microporous enamel, prevent deposits of evaporated fats being left behind and instead transform them into gaseous products which are easy to remove

 Tangential Ventilation
 The tangential ventilator allows hot air to exit the oven easily and ensures that the oven door remains at a stable   temperature. Cold air enters from gaps below and creates an upward air current to keep the air constantly flowing   out of the oven.


Soft Cook
Controls the distribution of humidity and temperature, optimizing cooking both in terms of aesthetic appeal and taste. Reduces the loss of moisture of food up to 50%, adding softness and aroma to it. This delicate type of cooking is particularly recommended for bread and pastry.

Traditional Cooking
Convection is controlled by the upper and lower heaters of the oven. This traditional baking method is ideal for chicken, haunches, biscuits, baked apples.

Ventilated Cooking
The upper and lower heating elements operate with the assistance of a fan inside the oven. The use of the fan ensures heat distribution to the whole food surface area and is particularly suitable for poultry, fish, bread, etc.

This feature activates the infrared grill heater. It is particularly suitable for cooking medium thickness or thin meat (sausages or ribs). Using ventilated option, the air is sucked in by the fan that directs it to different foods at the desired temperature ranging from 50°C to 200°C. The ventilated grill offers an excellent alternative to the rotisserie and ensures extraordinary results with poultry, sausages and red meat, even when cooking large quantities. You can also combine rotisserie and grill to obtain perfectly browned and crispy food.

Other features
2 Glass inner door
Transparent black glass + frame outer door
Soft-close hinges
9 Functions:
  • Lamp
  • Static (Bottom + Top)
  • Grill
  • Pizza
  • Soft cook
  • Grill + Fan
  • Bottom + Fan
  • Defrost
  • Bottom + Top + Fan

: 78 L
Product Dimensions W x D x H
: 595 x 568 x 595 mm 
Cut-Out Dimensions W x D x H
: 560 x 560 x 590 mm
Energy Class
: A
Control Panel
: Inox
: Elite Push Pull
: Flat with Catalytic Panel
Handle Type 
: Handle Type 
Platform Type
: Fan assisted


Side Racks
x 1             
Tray (35 mm)
x 2
x 2

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Local Warranty24 Months