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Weekly Recipes - Watermelon Cherry Juice


Watermelon 2 cups
Cherry 1 cup
Orange 1 pc
Ice Optional


1/ Cut watermelon into smaller pieces for easier blending. 
2/ Rinse the cherries and remove the stem.
3/ Peel the orange and remove the seeds.
4/ Place all ingredients into the blender. Top off the blender with ice.
5/ Blend finely. 

Watermelons contain amino acids and while cherries contain anthocyanin antioxidants. These nutrients will help to reduct post exercise soreness. The 3 fruits which are used in this recipe are rich in vitamin C thus strengthen immunity.

Squats will help build the calf muscles as well as straighten your body posture and work your core muscles. To top it off, a one kilometre run will not only strengthen your legs, it will also be a good cardio workout that will help you burn excess fat and keep you in good shape.

  • 20 squats 2 reps
  • 1km run