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Beetroot 2 pcs
Pear 2 pcs
Knob GInger 1 pc
Cucumber 1 pc
Ice Optional


1/ Cut beetroot, pear, giinger and cucumber into smaller pieces for easier blending. 
2/ Place all ingredients into the blender. Top off the blender with ice.
3/ Blend finely. 

GInger has always been known as superfood as it is packed with bioactive compounds and nutrients which benefit body and brain. It has anti-inflammatory properties that may calm stomach discomfort as well as being effective against exercise-induced muscle pain. Beet contains nitric acid compounds which will help oxygenate the blood which will enhance your exercise performance.

Sit down with your legs straightened out and lean back slightly so that your hand can touch the ground to support your back while you feel the strain on your abs. Once you feel comfortable with your position, alternate raising your legs. This will strengthen your abs and hamstrings. Pair this with some sit-ups to improve on your core strength further.

  • 1 min leg raise with 20 second intervals 5 reps
  • 20 sit-ups 2 reps