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Aqua Optima 2.5L Jug with 4 x 60 days Evolve water Filter (EJO238)

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Aqua Optima 2.5L Jug with 4 x 60 days Evolve water Filter (EJO238)

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Are you interested in what goes into your food and drink? Do you read the label first before you buy something? Have you ever wondered what could be in the foodstuffs without a label – like tap water? Maybe you are concerned about what you give your family or maybe you are a water lover who prefers better tasting, clearer looking, purer water or maybe you simply don’t like lugging all those water bottles back home, then filtered water could be the solution for you. Aqua Optima water filters can be used in filter jugs, filter kettles and water chillers.

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Aqua Optima Unique 5-Steps water filtration system reduce the Chlorine, Limescale, Herbicides, Pesticides, Lead, Heavy Metals from tap water:

  • Removes impurities from tap water
  • Better tasting Hot and Cold Drinks
  • Improve Look & Taste of cooked vegetables
  • More Economical than bottled water
  • Compact size leave more space in kitchen or fridge
  • Filter Cartridge Life Indicator - Remind your next filter changing date.

Specifications Price: $69.00

Model: EJO237

Colour: Black

Net Packaging Weight: 1.3kg

Packing Measurement: 27.5(W) x 27.5(H) x 13(D) cm

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