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Coway Air Purifier Pre Filter- White (AP-1511FHE)

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Coway Air Purifier Pre Filter- White (AP-1511FHE)

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Do you have allergy or asthma sufferers at home? Or are you frustrated by a dusty home? Fret not, Coway Air Purifier AP-1511FHE is a powerful device with 6 filters to remove dust, hair, fur, bacteria, harmful gases and bad odours. It includes the special RBD Plasma filter to remove germs and mold with no ozone emission. Protect your loved ones while doing your part for Mother Earth, why not?

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The Multi Filter Stage & RBD Plasma Air Purifier provides a Fresh-Air protection zone that protects your family from harmful pollutants. 

  • 6-Stage of Intergrated Air Defence

    1. Washable Pre Filter - Remove large particle such as hair, fur and dust

    2. Legionella Filter - Remove Legionella, Staphylococcus aureus and other bacteria

    3. Anti-Flu HEPA Filter - Remove Cigarette smoke, micro dust, bacteria, virus and germs

    4. RBD Plasma Filter - Remove molds and germs such as Aspergillus nigermand, E.Coli

    5. Washable Catalyst Filter - Remove harmful gas such as formaldehyde, tolune, xylene and other VOCs.

    6. Advanced Deodorization Filter - Remove VOC, Bad ordors, tobacco smell.

  • All Automated Functions

    • Auto: Automatically optimizes the air quality for hassle-free operation

    • Dust: Maximizes the airflow to remove efficiently the dust in the room

    • Silent: Minimizes the fan speed to ensure a quiet and pleasant enviroment

    • Eco: Automatically switches to energy saving mode for low air pollution levels

  • A High-Coverage Protection Zone

  • Smart & Convenient Mode - Automatic dust and odor sensors monitor real-time contamination and control the airflow to maximize cleaning strength and minimize power consumption

    1. Dust Seonsor: Monitors the number of suspended dust particles and automatically controls the fan speed.

    2. Light Sensor: Switches to Sleep Mode in dimmed light settings of less than 1 lux.

    3. Odor Sensor: Monitors inddor gases that produce bad odors and automatically controls the fan speed.

    4. Safety Sensor: A reed sensor automatically stops the fan motor when the front cover is open

  • Healthy Anion Generation



  • Model: AP-1511FHE
  • Type of Filter:
    1. Pre-Filter (Washable)
    2. Legionella Filter
    3. ANTI-FLU HEPA™ Filter
    4. RBD Plasma Filter
    5. Catalyst Filter
    6. AC Filter
  • Room Size (CA): 50m2 
  • Fan Speed: 5 Level
  • Special Feature:
    1. RBD Plasma Filter Technology
    2. Air quality indicator
    3. Auto Mode
    4. Energy Saving (Eco mode)
  • Product Dimension (W x H x D) : 48 x 56.5 x 29.2 cm
  • Product Weight: 12kg
  • Power: 13 - 72W
  • Warranty: Local Supplier 1 year Warranty


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