Certified Refurbished Program

Refurbished products are inspected and tested to ensure they are as good as new.

After inspecting and testing, the refurbished products are carefully packed into the box with all the required parts, accessories and user manual.

With 3 months warranty, our friendly customer service and efficient technical teams will help to keep your product fully functional. 


What is a refurbished product?

Our refurbished products are fully functional products that are unused or lightly used. They are as good as new, but may feature some light scratch, blemishes or other minor cosmetic defects. They have been thoroughly inspected and tested by our technical team, and are labelled with a new identification number on the packaging box. 

What comes with a refurbished product? 

Every product will come with all parts and accessories, along with a user manual. All refurbished products are packaged in a box and will be delivered to your doorstep.  

Why should I buy a refurbished product online?

Refurbished products are sold at highly discounted prices and are of a great deal. They are thoroughly inspected and carefully repacked to ensure proper functionality - as good as new! If you are looking to save money and do not mind minor cosmetic defects on a well-functioning product, you can consider purchasing a refurbished product. 

Online shopping is a trendy and convenient way to shop. Our refurbished product listings are carefully listed with photos of the item and box conditions, along with all the parts and accessories you will receive. 

Do refurbished products come with warranty and support?
All our refurbished products are eligible for a 3 months warranty. Please note that the proof of purchase (which also serves as your proof of warranty) will be delivered together with your product. Simply bring your product and proof of purchase down to our service centre, and our technical team will thoroughly inspect, repair and test your product.

Do note that product warranty for refurbished products excludes cosmetic defects that include scratches, blemishes, or other minor defects that were indicated in the product listing at the point of purchase. 

Can I return my refurbished product? 

Products are accepted as is upon purchase, minor defects, lack of packaging and such withstanding. No exchanges or refunds will be processed upon confirmation of the purchase. 


Refurbished Products Terms & Conditions

Purchase of the refurbished products (herein after referred as “products”) are deemed as acceptance of the products with features such as minor defects and used packaging which are communicated by Mayer prior to purchase. Risk in the products shall pass to the customer on completion of delivery.

All refurbished products are eligible for 3 months warranty only. No exchanges or refunds will be allowed upon confirmation of the purchase.

Mayer shall not be obliged to repair any refurbished products without a valid proof of purchase. The product must also be presented on-site at the Mayer Service Centre in the event that repair is required.

Subject to Mayer’s verification and validation, the warranty applies only to products purchased and used for domestic purposes and will not cover any damage which occurs as a result of misuse, negligence, failure to follow Mayer’s instructions, or a modification or unauthorized repair of the product, faulty packaging by the owner or mishandling by any carrier.

It also does not cover normal wear and tear, maintenance, or replacement of consumable parts, including the following:

  • Cosmetic defects that include scratches, blemishes, or other minor defects (that were indicated in the product listing at the point of purchase).
  • Using the wrong type of water or consumable.
  • Mechanical damages, overloading.
  • Damages or poor functionality due to incorrect voltage or frequency as stamped on the product ID or specification.
  • Ingress of water, dust, or insects into the product.
  • Scaling (any de-scaling must be carried out according to the instructions for use).
  • Damage as a result of lightning or power surges.
  • Damage to any glass or porcelain ware in the product.
  • Accidents including fire, flood, etc.
  • Faults and shortcomings that are already present at the date of purchase.
  • Product warranty only covers domestic use; exclude all Commercial or professional use.

Mayer does not warrant, represent or undertake that it will be able to repair or replace any products under this warranty without risk to the products.

Mayer may at any time in its sole and absolute discretion, without giving any reason or prior notice, modify, suspend/ discontinue the above Warranty's Terms & Conditions, whether in part or whole. 

Mayer shall not be liable or responsible for any losses suffered by or caused by you or arising out of, or in connection with, or because of such modification, suspension/ discontinuation to the above Warranty's Terms & Conditions.

No email confirmation or notification will be sent to you when you have finished the online warranty registration. The proof of purchase, which also serves as your proof of warranty, will be delivered together with your product. In the event that details of your online warranty registration conflict with your proof of purchase, your proof of purchase shall prevail.

Mayer reserves the right to take appropriate legal actions if the customer/ members of the public misrepresent or infringe Mayer, its trade mark(s) and/or its products.