Flash Sale

Singpost Centre Atrium Sale (27 Mar-2 Apr 2023)

  1. 1L NutriBlend Blender view more
    Mayer 1L NutriBlend Blender MMNB1000
    S$ 78.00
    S$ 138.00
    SALE 21S$ OFF
  2. 9L Electric Oven view more
    Mistral 9L Electric Oven MO90i
    S$ 35.00
    S$ 69.00
    SALE 8S$ OFF
  3. Mayer MMRC20 Rice Cooker Side Panel view more
    S$ 89.00
    S$ 199.00
    SALE 30S$ OFF
  4. Mayer 5.5L Air Fryer view more
    Mayer Mayer 5.5L Air Fryer MMAF505
    S$ 59.00
    S$ 299.00
    SALE 20S$ OFF
  5. 16" ABS Blade Stand Fan with Remote Control view more
    S$ 55.00
    S$ 99.00
    SALE 14S$ OFF
  6. 10L Air Cooler with Remote Control view more
    S$ 158.00
    S$ 268.00
    SALE 20S$ OFF
  7. 3.5L Mini Stand Mixer-Black view more
    Mayer 3.5L Mini Stand Mixer-Black MMSM216-BK
    S$ 89.00
    S$ 139.00
    SALE 20S$ OFF
  8. 4L Multi-Cooker view more
    Mayer 4L Multi-Cooker MMMC398R
    S$ 109.00
    S$ 289.00
    SALE 20S$ OFF
  9. 20L Microwave Oven view more
    Mayer 20L Microwave Oven MMMW20
    S$ 109.00
    S$ 299.00
    SALE 30S$ OFF
  10. 12” DC Living Fan with Remote Control view more
    S$ 148.00
    S$ 288.00
    SALE 42S$ OFF
  11. 20L Digital Air Oven MMAO2088 view more
    S$ 119.00
    S$ 269.00
    SALE 20S$ OFF
  12. 3.5L Digital Air Fryer MMAF3502D view more
    S$ 59.00
    S$ 179.00
    SALE 29S$ OFF
  13. 10L Digital Food Steamer view more
    S$ 99.00
    S$ 189.00
    SALE 10S$ OFF