Air Purifier Filter set (For AP-1008CH only)

FS1008CH-filter set

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More powerful, Less expensive. Coway powerful Combination Filter with the combination of vacuum-metalized nano silver and active carbon impregnated materials, its A3™ (Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Odor, Anti-Dust) efficiency is strengthened. Eliminates 99% of Bacterial, 80% of Dust and 40% of Bad Odors. It superior anti-bacterialization effects through nano sliver antibacterial vacuum metallization. Excellent remove harmful gas and foul odors through active carbon impregnated form.

A3™ Medium Filter is an economical Semi-Permanent Filter by simple cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. It is more economical than existing medium filter as it can be used up to 40 months.

Coway's HEPA Filter is a powerful air filtration system that is fast enough to remove invisible dust and cigarette smoke. Not only eliminate 99.97% of invisible dust but also effectively remove various viruses, germs and mildew.

  • Model: FS1008CH

  • Usage Period: 40 month

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