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Small in Size, Mighty in Power. Coway's elegant, sinuous and slender air purifiers are designed to grace the enviroment of even the most discriminating consumer. Providing up to 528ft2 of coverage through automatic speed adjustments & pollution level indicator. Through Coway's innovative design and technology, we produced an compact air purifier that performs with power to exceed your expectation.

  • Certified CADR 232m2 for room up to 528ft2

  • Powerful cleaning by true HEPA efficiency of 99.97%.

  • Intuitive air quality indicator by visible colours

  • Automatic air speed control and eco mode for energy saving.

  • 4-stage Filtration:

    1. Washable Pre-Filter: Captures large particles like hair, fur and dust by micro mesh.

    2. Odor Filter: Eliminates smaller particles, bad odors and harmful gases by advanced activated carbon.

    3. True HEPA Filter: Trapping airbone allergens and contaminats down to 0.3 microns in size 99.97% of time.

    4. Vital Ionizer: Vital ion boosts cleaning power and freshens the air by negative ions.

  • Automatic Air Speed Control: It automatically controls airflow speed from low to medium to high based on indoor air quality in real time with smart particle sensor.

  • Intuitive Air Quality Indicator: Smart Particle Sensor (SPS) automatically monitors and displays the indoor air quality in three colour

  • Filter Replacement Indicator: Electronic Filter Indicator gives you a warning when to replace the filter on time.

  • Efficient Auto Eco Mode: This advanced air purifier saves energy that gets unnecessarily wasted by keeping the power consumption as low as possible. Through this, you can reduce energy use and cut down on electric bills.


  • Model: AP-1512HH
  • Type of Filter:
    1. Washable Pre Filter
    2. Odor Filter
    3. True HEPA Filter
    4. Ionizer
  • Room Size (CA): 232 m2 (528ft2)
  • Fan Speed: 3 Level

  • Product Dimension (W x H x D) : 42.7 x 46.5 x 24.3 cm

  • Product Weight: 5.6kg

  • Power: 4.9 - 77.8 W

  • Warranty: Local Supplier 1 year Warranty


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Warranty : 1 Year