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Purple Chili Pepper Plant Pods

Purple Chili Pepper

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  • Homegrown Chili Pepper is the perfect addition to many foods
  • Growing chili's is 100% hassle-free with a Click & Grow indoor garden
  • Chili peppers serve as a home pharmacy with many vitamins and minerals
  • You'll get a garden-to-plate experience in your own kitchen

Edible plant

Sprouts in
: 1 - 3 weeks
Full size in
: 8 - 12 weeks
Enjoy for
: 12 - 17 weeks
  • Purple Chili fruits have heat level of 24 000 on Scoville heat units
  • You can speed up the germination process by raising the temperature to 79℉ (26℃).
  • If multiple seeds germinate per pod, leave one seedling to grow per pod to ensure enough space and nutrients for the plant to grow.
  • Do not not cut or prune your Purple Chili Pepper plant before fruiting- it will form flowers and fruits at the top of the plant.
  • Once your plant is flowering it needs to be pollinated by hand. Do this by gently shaking your plant to carry pollen from one blossom to the next.
  • Purple Chili Pepper fruits ripen from white/purple to bright red approximately 14 weeks from planting.
  • Warning! The leaves and seeds of the Purple Chili Pepper can be hot too. It is always a good precaution to wash your hands after touching the chili plant. It is also best to avoid rubbing your eyes or touching other tender body parts after handling any chilies.
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