The Italian home appliances brand, one of Europe’s leading household companies, introduces the world’s first range of single-application, wi-fi connected household appliances


The Candy Group (video here) is a wholly private-owned company controlled by the Fumagalli family which consists of multiple brands and is among the European leaders in the household appliance industry: washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, cookers and ovens, both built-in and free-standing. Products are marketed under two international brands, Candy and Hoover, and national brands Iberna, Jinling, Hoover-Otsein, Rosières, Süsler, Vyatka, Zerowatt, Baumatic.


Candy celebrated 70 years since the start of production of the first ever Italian automatic washing machine and has a consolidated position in the core segment of the market. Candy products combine innovation and ease of use to meet the needs of consumers, simplifying and improving their quality of life. Thanks to its long experience and heritage, rich with achievements and successes, Candy has been able to develop Simply-Fi, the first complete range of wi-fi connected appliances for easier management and remote access. It is a range of advanced state-of-the-art products to wash, cook and store in classy Italian style.


Candy has achieved a number of notable firsts with their revolutionary products like Simply-Fi, the world’s first range of major, single-application, wi-fi connected household appliances in the cooking and washing category which includes the smart Watch & Touch Oven with a full-touch door display and highly interactive Smart Touch Washing Machine with remote application, now available in Singapore.


The high-end Watch & Touch Oven with its premium features and iconic design that complements a contemporary kitchen, marks a breakthrough in the oven market. Intuitive to use, even those who are not tech savvy will be able to enjoy the best cooking experience, get inspired, and learn easy multi-step cooking from the pre-loaded video recipes that can be viewed on the door of the oven or from “live teaching” tutorials where at the end of the video, the oven is pre-set to cook the recipes. There are more than 70 suggested cooking programmes with the best combination of options to cook your favourite dishes and customise portions required. Through the personal programmes, you can also create your own library with your favourite cooking videos.

The Smart Touch Washing Machine is your first personal assistant that takes care of all your washing needs. Simply by downloading the Candy Simply-Fi app and placing your smartphone on the appliance, you can find the most suitable type of washing to fit your lifestyle. The key features of the Smart Touch Washing Machine include reliability with a smart check-up function to monitor the conditions of the appliance and ensure longer life efficiency, control with statistics to keep track of your most frequently used programmes and optimise your washing habits, communication with a voice assistant to guide you in just 3 steps to choose the perfect programme and suggest the best cycle to take care of your clothes, and a handy smart start delay application to plan your washing and decide when you want it to start or end.


The Candy smart home appliances are completely developed and manufactured in the R&D labs of the Candy Group and are now available in Singapore. Candy smart home appliances can be found at most departmental stores, Mayer showrooms and online store.


About the Candy Group
The Candy Group is one of Europe’s leading companies in the market of small and major domestic home appliances, both free-standing and built-in, with products that are high-performance and built with respect for the environment. Candy Group products are marketed under two international brands, Candy and Hoover, and with several national brands such as Rosières (France), Jinling (China) and Baumatic (UK), with differentiated markets and target consumers. The Candy Group, a multi-brand company privately owned by the Fumagalli family, employs 4,100 staff members, has 6 manufacturing sites in Europe, Turkey and China, and 47 subsidiaries and representative offices around the world. The Group Headquarters, design center, central facility, industrial site and R&D premises are based in Brugherio (MB), Italy. For over 70 years, Candy products have combined innovation and ease of use to meet the needs of consumers, improving their quality of life. Thanks to its long experience in achieving success, Candy has been able to develop Simply-Fi, the first complete range of Wi-Fi connected appliances that enable easier management remotely. Simply-Fi is a range of innovative products present in all key categories to wash, cook and store in perfect Italian style.